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Our Mission

Many people possess heirloom Bibles (Bibles that have been passed down from generation to generation). However, in many cases these Bibles have deteriorated over time. These Bibles are in a virtually unusable state, with things like ripped, torn and folded pages, disintegrating covers, and text blocks that are falling apart.
Other people wish to have a unique, high-quality Bible they can enjoy for a lifetime and that can become an heirloom Bible. These people don’t just want an off-the-shelf product; they want something that has been customized especially for them.

Our mission is to preserve
God’s Word for future generations.

We do this by offering new custom heirloom-quality Bibles and by rebinding and restoring our customers’ Bibles. To create our custom hand-bound leather Bibles, we start with the text blocks of some of today’s most popular Bibles and add custom leather covers, ribbons, stitching, and personalization.