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Our Process

Whether you purchase a Bible from us or send your Bible to us to be re-bound, we are thankful that we’ve been entrusted to add to the story of your precious Book. As we go through the process of creating your personalized heirloom, here is what you can expect.
Select Options
There are many options available for your custom leather Bible, such as cover style & color, stitching options, ribbon options, and many more. Visit the Options page to review the options that are available.
For new Bibles
We offer many of the most popular Bibles on the market today. If you wish to purchase a new Bible, browse through our wide selection of Bibles the Products menu. From here, choose the Bible you wish to purchase and pay for your product.
For rebinds of either new or used Bibles
If the Bible you want isn’t listed as one of our stock products or you wish to have us rebind your current Bible, visit the Bible Rebinding page in the Products menu. From here, choose the options you wish for your custom Bible rebinding and pay for the rebinding service.
After the order is placed
Once we receive your order, we will reach out to you either via telephone or e-mail. We’ll review all of your options with you and help you as you make your option choices. If we’re rebinding a Bible you provide, we will also provide you with further details about where to send your Bible.
Once the design is finalized
After your design has been finalized, we will create a work order with your option choices, send it to you, and get their approval to proceed. We take this important step to make sure we clearly, completely, and accurately understand what you want. Once we receive your approval, we will place you on our work schedule.
Mailing the Bible to us (for rebinds only)
If you are sending us a Bible to be re-bound, mail it to us at least a week before our scheduled start date so we can start work on it on time.
Your story
As we work on your Bible rebinding, we also would like to get the story behind your Bible, if you’re willing to share it. We believe your story is important, even if we’re only matching your story to your Bible internally in our systems so we can recall it in the future when we speak again. In some cases, we may ask if you would allow us to share your story with others. (We will never share your story unless we get your permission first!) Check out the Our Stories page to find examples of stories we’ve already had the privilege to share.
After the Bible is complete.
Once we’ve completed your Bible, we will send it to you! If we’re rebinding your Bible, we will also include before and after pictures!