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Our Team behind these amazing Bibles

Read below to find out the story of each of the Schaeffner Co. team members and what makes them tick! We love making bibles and the why we do it is just as imporant as the how.
Brian Schaeffner
Brian is Schaeffner Co’s founder. Brian wanted to restore and recover his first study Bible, both so it would last and so he could have a premium leather cover. When he searched for places that could perform this rebinding service, he learned that there are few companies that can do this, and those who can have waits up to a year or more.

When Brian looked into what it would take to rebind his own Bible, he learned that the tools, skills, and materials needed to learn this craft would not be too difficult for him, so he spent time learning how to rebind Bibles. In early 2021, Brian formed Schaeffner Co and began telling others of the company’s services. He found that he loves what he does to either help restore and preserve these precious Scriptures for people or provide people with beautifully-bound Bibles.
Mark Schaeffner
Mark became involved with Schaeffner Co near the end of 2021. He has experience running businesses, so his initial role was to help take care of the seemingly countless behind-the-scenes things that are needed to keep a business going. At Brian’s urging, Mark also began to learn the craft of Bible binding, and he fell in love with the work. Today he works with Brian in all aspects of the business as its co-owner, taking care of both Schaeffner Co’s administrative tasks and working on Bibles.