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When is an object not just an object? The surprising answer is “most of the time”...

You see, most of the stuff we keep for a long time is kept not because it has some special monetary value. Instead, we choose to keep objects because of the stories and memories we attach to them. In the book Material Memories, authors Marius Kwint, Christopher Breward and Jeremy Aynsley say that objects are not “blank carriers onto which humans project prior psychic dramas”, but rather are receptacles of meaning through the memories that we associate with them.
When we at Schaeffner Co create custom Bibles and rebind Bibles for people, we understand that we’re doing more than just producing a simple object. We’re either creating a new memory (for a new Bible) or adding a valuable chapter to and helping to preserve an existing memory (for a re-bound Bible). These Bibles will hold meaning because they’re personal; they are attached to an experience, an event, or a declaration that creates this memory.
In the same way that we craft Bibles to last a lifetime, we believe it’s important that the stories behind these Bibles last a lifetime too. No matter how beautiful the Bibles themselves are, it is the memories they evoke and stories they hold that transform them into the precious heirlooms they become. So it’s our privilege to present to you the stories behind some of the Bibles we’ve done for people.

Megan’s Cross Bible

When Megan was a young girl, her Grandma Schaeffner crafted a beautiful patchwork quilt for her. This lovely blanket was themed with purples and lavenders, and it had a large white cross placed into the center. The backing (the fabric on the back side of the quilt) was nearly as beautiful as the front, with a pretty floral pattern having white and lavender flowers on a deeper purple background.

This blanket was one of Megan’s favorites as she grew up. She kept it as the main blanket on her bed, and she used it when she wanted to do things like snuggle up in a blanket and watch movies with friends or family.

Over the years, the quilt began to show significant wear. The fabric along the edges of the quilt began to fray. In some places, the backing cloth began to separate from the rest of the quilt. Not wanting to just throw the precious quilt away, Megan chose to store it.

For Megan’s birthday, we at Schaeffner Co wanted to create an exquisite Bible for her. Since Megan loves to journal, we chose an ESV Single Column Journaling Bible as her text. Megan’s quilt became the inspiration for the Bible’s design. It was the first of our Cross Series Bible covers, having a white deerskin cross placed in a full grain Sully Goatskin cover. The cover itself is the same deep purple color that is found on Megan’s quilt. For the inside liner of the Bible, we took some of the actual cloth backing from the quilt and made a one-of-a-kind cloth liner for her. We stitched the cover with white thread, adding both strength and beauty to the Bible cover. The end sheets of Megan’s Bible are also a deep purple color, and the two ribbons are lavender and deep purple, matching the flowers and background of the cloth liner. As a finishing touch, Megan’s name was stamped on the cover in silver.

Megan loves the new Bible she received on her birthday! It’s her personal journaling Bible and one she keeps and uses for her devotions. It was a privilege to be able to create this wonderful Bible that Megan can treasure for years to come.

The beginnings of Schaeffner Co - Brian’s ESV Study Bible

When I was in high school, my parents gave me an ESV Study Bible. It was through this Bible that God revealed Himself to me in a powerful way and I confessed Jesus as Lord. After passing flight attendant school, I took it with me as I moved to Texas to start my new life. At one point I went on a 10-day assignment, only to return to a flooded home—a cold snap came through while I was gone and caused my pipes to burst. This Bible was one of the only things that survived the flood.

I wanted to have my Bible rebound with a premium cover because of how much it meant to me; I walked through many trials with this Bible at my side! When I discovered that the rebinding process would take over nine months to complete, I decided to see what it would take to rebind my Bible on my own. After learning the technique and practicing on other books, I successfully rebound my Bible in a pull-up cowhide with a dark liner, a golden perimeter stitch, a ½ inch yapp, and two silver ribbons.

Looking at the before and after pictures shocked me—my Bible was no longer falling apart! A new passion for reading the Word ignited within me simply because of the new leather cover. Who knew soft, supple leather could have such an impact on one’s Bible reading? I also knew that if I could put my own Bible back together, then I could put other peoples’ Bibles back together too. It wasn’t long before I asked other people for their Bibles, and before I knew it, I was in business.